Thursday, December 1, 2011

Plus Size Movement..Are We Putting The Cart Before The Horse?

Hello Curvy Dolls!

I was in a meeting this morning that made me totally cringe about this industry we are in! This particular company believes that the model sells the clothes. I TOTALLY DISAGREE! I am a designer therefore I design what I feel plus size women want, need and are lacking.  As I have told several buyers over the past few months please don't expect a show of polyester dresses and suits, that is not my brand but you have plenty of others to choose from. I'm in the mindset to create that which cannot be found for me and those like me. I don't care how fabulous the model or how beautiful her smile..if the designs do not stand on there own she is just another pretty face in regular dress. I see so many articles about plus size models and how important they are...this is true, but what about the DESIGNERS!! This industry needs plus size designers that are willing to push the boundary of fashion for our sizes. Actually design collections that speak to the women we are and aspire to be. Designers that are actually concerned about fit and proportion and not just at the fabric store picking out cheap fabrics and making fitted wash and throw away dresses. As I told the CEO of this company this morning..without DESIGNERS models are just naked women in pictures and I will spend my companies budget on imported fabric and tailored design before I pay thousands to some super model. Example of this the two beautiful Vogue Italia covers. I would have loved to see those women in couture fashion or even high fashion but right now it just does not exist. This industry is too focused on fitting in when we were born to STAND OUT! Yes I would love Marc Jacobs to design in my size and to see beautiful plus size woman in his runway show, however he apparently does not share my opinion nor do his colleagues. So this message is to the entire plus size community..stop waiting on mainstream to except you and make your own mainstream. I am challenging myself in the coming year to be a better designer and create what I feel this industry is lacking. It would be great if mainstream designers wake up but please don't count on it. If they don't want our money, why are we trying so hard to give it to them? As I said in my morning meeting..true designs will jump off a page with no model needed. I am constantly told I put the cart before the horse but in which I then respond, I ride in a Chariot that is custom made and has to be preordered with a Clydesdale so this is true! But the plus size movement may need to slow down our cart and refocus our direction or we could always just go naked! hahaha : )


Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello Dolls!
The wait is over! I am finally able to debut my spring/summer 2012 collection! This collection was designed for a strong chic and modern woman that wants to show off her fabulous curves with luxurious fabrics and tailored design. Tailoring is a Bella Rene' staple in all of our collections and we went the extra mile this season. Our fabrications this season are luxurious and give our designs that high glamour feel in each piece. From beautiful silk dupioni tailored jackets to Italian imported wools, this collection speaks to the curvy woman that has waited for classic designs made specifically for her body shape that will make her stand out in any crowd. This collection was designed to be in a womans wardrobe for life. I hope you enjoy it and please look for it come spring in speciality boutiques and retail locations world wide! Thank you for your support!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bella Rene' Full Figured and Fabulous: WHAT WILL THE PLUS SIZE WOMAN WEAR FOR SPRING?

Bella Rene' Full Figured and Fabulous: WHAT WILL THE PLUS SIZE WOMAN WEAR FOR SPRING?: Hello Dolls! This morning as I was watching the beautiful pictures from the Ralph Lauren presentation I wondered to myself..what styles wi...


Hello Dolls..Again!

Ok so I have been seriously busy with the new spring 2012 collection and pushed back the launch date of Bella Rene' Glamorous Tees(changed the name) and Bella Rene' Premium denim until the end of this month. I had no idea how much this spring collection, although small, would consume my brain. Fit is the most important thing to me. I love jeans and could not include them in my brand without a fit that rivals any jean on the market. So im very excited to launch at the end of Sept. I promise this time! : ) Next, the spring 2012 collection for Bella by Bella Rene' will debut at the end of this month as well. I took this collection in a totally different direction and focused on tailoring gorgeous fabrics for the curvy frame. I am going to try my hardest to blog more but I seem to not be able to remember to eat or sleep so we shall see!

Stay Full Figured and Fabulous
xoxo KCJ


Hello Dolls!

This morning as I was watching the beautiful pictures from the Ralph Lauren presentation I wondered to myself..what styles will he offer for full figured women from his collection. It occured to me that out of the seven to ten designers that make full figured clothes such as Ralph Lauren, Micheal Kors and Elie Tahari, the plus size woman will not know what she will be wearing from these collections until the merchandise reaches the stores next spring. I saw so many things I would love to have from the above designers but im left with the burning question..will it come in my size? Im a designer so I can design whatever I want but what about other women...why must they wait until next year to find out what is hot for spring for them? Why does it seem the plus community is always behind? The truth is most plus size designers dont follow the fashion calendar they create collections for the present season while our straight sized counterparts are a year ahead. I didnt either until this season, and this is exactly why! As much as I have loved seeing all the fashion presented during fashion week, it does not identify with plus size women because there were no shows to represent us there. Some how some way it needs to be defined that we are not a fad that will fade. My mother always told me dont present a problem if your not willing to find a solution. Im going to work on it!

Stay Full Figured and Fabulous Dolls

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bella Rene' Prepares To Launch Denim Collection and Chic Tees

Hello Bella Dolls! I would like to thank each and every one of you who have visited our site and made orders. Your business is more important than you could ever know. I'm so exited because we are busy here at Bella Rene' planning our denim collection launch. I love jeans they are perfect to be dressed up and dressed down. When I started the collection I didnt realize how much goes into jeans..the wash..the many different types of much to consider! However, the most important thing to me was the fit. I have had problems over the years finding jeans that fit and flatter so this was most important to me. Bella Rene' had designed our denim collection to fit as close to a tailored pant as possible. A few months ago I debut some samples on twitter and facebook of some chic tees with uber cute sayings and designs, those will be available on our website and in stores for fall to pair with the denim collection. We are so excited to make these new products available to you. We are preparing to have our launch in just weeks..stay tuned! xoxo KCJ

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bella Rene' prepares to launch second line!

We are busy busy with our web orders..thank you so much to eveyone for the amazing support! We are also working to launch our second line which is denim(luv jeans). We have created a fit that is nothing short of epic for the full figured woman. Im so excited for this launch event and here at Bella Rene' we are Larger Than Life and dont do anything small, so of course its sure to be an event not to be missed! We have not decided on a location so this week we will hopefully have some details down. I feel so blessed to be able to be emersed daily in what I love..all things fabulous and fashion! Have an amazing Monday!